Unleash Your Vitality – 8 Simple Steps to Maximise Your Health with Nutrition

Who wants more energy in order to live life to its full expression?


“Investing in your health is the best retirement plan ever. If you do not invest in your health you do not need a retirement plan at all.”

You could wait for New Year and make a resolution but the best time to invest in yourself is immediately, yes, right NOW!!!

We all know that faulty diet eventually takes a toll on our health. In the UK we mostly have the freedom and options to eat what we want. Did you know even been overweight can indicate malnourishment? When hungry the body is usually screaming out for quality nutrients and not a sugary or fatty snack. So, the truth is the body may actually still be starving after eating a big stodgy meal. Interesting!

I am thrilled to bits to be involved in this work…

Having had chronic auto immune disease all of my life and knowing what it feels like to be burnt out and depleted in energy I instantly knew this project was right for me.   I was delighted when the opportunity came along to be involved in this awe inspiring book whilst it was still at the planning stage.

Energy is everything – you sure miss it when it’s gone; but it can be re-gained and this book is a wealth of knowledge, easy to read but backed up with extensive scientific referencing. It also features fun practical exercises to help you reach your goals and ‘unleash your vitality’ making you the reader initially pro-active in implementing the required and necessary lifestyle changes. In short, I love this book and wholeheartedly recommend it.

Based on the phenomenal research presented I offer the following opportunities to enable you to unleash your own vitality and live a happier and longer life:

  • Buy the book direct from me far cheaper than on Amazon
  • Sale of high quality vitamin and minerals supplementation, slimming aids and water purifiers perfectly matched choices to meet your personal and individualized needs

If weight loss is your area of interest I know of some safe and super products including a homeopathic treatment to help manage weight and a naturopathic treatment providing metabolism support and increased energy whilst following your dietary changes. These products are amazing as you will notice that you are not hungry whilst taking them – making your new routine a breeze!


Hard cover book – £20.00 (UK distribution)