21st and 22nd January 2017
10th and 11th June 2017

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PSYCH-K® is a fantastically simple, profound, fun and effective process which enables negative and limiting beliefs to be changed into positive supportive ones. It can help with any issue!


PSYCH-K® is endorsed by celebrated cell biologist Dr Bruce Lipton in his ground-breaking book  ‘The Biology of Belief’

“People have remarked on how much lighter I am and that my energies when I talk about my passions are hugely changed. I am feeling vastly better for it all. My divorce is proceeding and I am hugely positive about it. I am also dreaming and knowing big and envisioning great things. I know I am moving in the right direction.”
Parent, Leicestershire, Separation

psych-kDid you know that your beliefs are conclusions drawn from your past experience? Sometimes your beliefs are no longer resourceful and limit your current and future potential. Actions and willpower are often not enough to make significant positive change. Science tells us that at least 95% of our consciousness is subconscious! Therefore, it is highly likely that most of us are not fully aware of our limiting subconscious beliefs. Re-scripting limiting subconscious beliefs is like reprogramming a personal computer; the personal computer being your mind.
Using PSYCH-K ® a whole brained state is created which allows both hemispheres of the cerebral cortex to function optimally allowing the full response potential to be accessed. In fact, we could say that our birthright is the natural ability to utilize both sides of the brain, but, stressful life experiences frequently trigger a dominance of one side over the other when responding to specific situations. The more emotionally charged or traumatic the experience the more likely it will be stored for future reference, AND the more likely we will automatically over-identify with only one hemisphere when faced with similar life experiences in the future. Using PSYCH-K ® and encouraging both hemispheres of the brain to function optimally you have a greater access to your FULL response potential.

“Thank you, I feel more efficient already! It really works!”
Artist, Gloucestershire, Procrastination

The great news is that the change is fast, pain free and effortless. PSYCH-K® works for children and adults alike!

Sessions can be carried out at a distance via Skype or in person.

“Yesterday around 1pm my daughter came and asked me if I wanted breakfast in bed. I don’t think she realised what time it was and I was having a wee lie down. This is unheard of behaviour. I said I would prefer some soup and she went off and made chicken soup, also, pretty unheard of behaviour, so something changed.”
Parent, Oban, managing Asperger’s Syndrome

Summary of Jo’s PSYCH-K® Training:pysch-k-falconpsych-k

  • PSYCH-K ® Basic Workshop
  • PSYCH-K ® Advanced Workshop
  • PSYCH-K ® Pro Workshop
  • PSYCH-K ® Health and Wellness Workshop
  • PSYCH-K ® Divine Integration Retreat
  • PER-K ® Workshop

“Loved the session and yes, lots of shifts…”
Photographer, Nottinghamshire, Relationship


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