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IMMA MISSION STATEMENT: ‘The transformation of medicine and healthcare into an integral and holistic art and science, promoting physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social health.’ Wow!!

“Since my sessions I’ve been way more positive and have a positive attitude to life, no matter how many obstacles get in my way. I truly thank you for all your help you kindly gave me.”
Unemployed, Coventry (schizophrenia)

meta-healthHave you ever wondered why you became ill at a specific time? Did you ever notice symptoms develop when you were not under stress and life was going well? META-Health ® incorporates a revolutionary root cause enquiry and analytical process. It is a system focusing on both why we experience illness and then what we can do about it to create optimal bio-psycho-social wellbeing. We focus on your mind, body, spirit, social and environmental situation to make you feel fabulous again. It’s an outstanding body of work. It encourages you to think outside of the cuboid and joins up the dots creating an empowering paradigm shift, particularly if you’ve had illness for a long time or are feelinIMG_3797g powerless and overwhelmed. However, I must emphasise META-Health ® is a coaching approach and is always used alongside medical advice from your GP or Consultant. It is not a replacement for traditional medical care.

“Loved the observations, adds a roundness to it all. You are lovely to work with.”
Therapist, Peterborough (vision problem)

In META-Health® we explore the body’s innate intelligence and concentrate specifically on the following 10 principles:

  1. meta-healthDisease as a meaningful journey – Nature does not make mistakes or errors. When we look at illness this way we focus on awareness of conflict, survival, resolution and self-healing.
  2. Synchronicity of body, mind spirit and environment – Change in one level affects change in each of the other areas.
  3. Beginning of an illness – Dis-ease starts when we experience a conflict shock or significant emotional experience.
  4. Disease as a process – There is a conflict phase and regeneration phase to each dis-ease process.
  5. Subjective perception: our body as feedback – The environment is perceived through our senses and this is always a projection of our inner reality.
  6. Self-healing: vitality and life energy – These can be supported by eliminating stress factors and adding therapeutic measures that support healing.
  7. Brain: the over-determined relay system – Specific brain relays connect with specific organs and specific conflict content.
  8. Germ layers: – organisation of organs – Based on germ layer connection our body will respond with loss of function or increase of function during a dis-ease process.
  9. Microbes: biological helpers – Active in the regeneration phase viruses, bacteria, myco-bacteria and fungi are not the originator of illness.
  10. Spirit: Health through knowledge and awareness – Transformation of conflict, letting go, consciousness, love and forgiveness are essential to healing and evolution.

“Just wanted to let you know I had my operation 4 weeks ago, all went well considering my biopsy report… There was the least amount possible invasion!!! Stage 1a the best stage possible although grade 3 which is aggressive quick growing! I waited two months before surgery so I consider myself very blessed by the universe. I still have radiotherapy as the best treatment I can get for my scenario as stats support more harm if had chemo…so no chemo. I just wanted to let you know and thank you as you along with other healing approaches I believe have played a part in why I have had this outcome! So THANK YOU!

Veterinary Surgeon, Dudley (cancer of the uterus)

“Thanks for all your efforts, it was so interesting and I can say that sleep is better than it’s been in a long time.”
Artist, Aberdeen (Bi-polar symptoms)

During your session we will do some META-Health® enquiry to uncover underlying themes and emotions that may be contributing to your health issues, then work out appropriate personal strategies, lifestyle changes and modifications to accelerate wellness. In META-Health® we call this a Lifestyle Prescription.

“Thanks your analysis was comprehensive and has helped hi-light areas for me to focus on so thanks once again. I’ve made a start on “owning” my therapy plan.”
Retired, Leeds (epidermis, skin rash)

Sessions can be carried out via Skype or in person.imma meta-health-logo

Summary of Jo’s META-Health® Training:

  • META-Health ® Foundation Course
  • META-Health ® Practitioner Course
  • META-Health ® Master Practitioner Course
  • META-Health ® Trainers’ Training

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