Getting In Flow with EAM™ (Energy Alignment Method)

Energy Emergence™ on-line training 10th August 2016
Energy Emergence™ live training, Birmingham, UK, 16th September 2016

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EAM™ Originator Yvette Taylor

Transform Resistance, Get Clarity On Your Vision & Break Through That Glass Ceiling to Attract More Freedom, Love & Abundance

I’ve booked a ticket for The Energy Emergence – A One Day Intensive Training for Spiritual Entrepreneurs, Therapists, Coaches and Practitioners with Yvette Taylor the creator of The Energy Alignment Method™ – EAM™

And I would LOVE you to come with me…

If the work you do is always in service of others, if you’re creating change and transformation in other peoples’ lives and business, then maybe this one day event is for you

Except this time it’s about YOUR big change:

  •  You KNOW that you have much more potential inside you,
  •  You KNOW you’re meant to live in a space of abundance
  •  You KNOW that enough is enough. You’re no longer prepared to drift through life.
  •  You’re ready to manifest the results you want now and learn the art of making it happen.
  •  You’ve heard your calling, You know you can no longer take a back seat you’re ready to take action

Which is exactly why I’m going along too!

Yvette Taylor is the creator of EAM™ – The Energy Alignment Method™, the world’s fastest personal transformation and law of attraction method. She is a multi-award winning spiritual life and business coach, inspirational speaker, mentor and change maker.

At this event she will show you how you can use EAM™ to:

  • Start activating your abundant energy so that you can learn to YES to yourself and get over your money story
  • Get clarity on your vision for your life and business and what you need to do in order to make your vision a reality
  • Shift how you feel, change your thoughts and beliefs which are not serving you so that you become an energetic match to the vibration of the things you want to attract
  • Let go of the imaginary glass ceiling created by the energetic blocks which are in the way of you moving forwards and feeling more successful in your lifeJoin me to discover how you can create this magic in your life too.

I really hope to see you there!

There is a link on the page to leave your details too, please click on the image above as there will be other events throughout the year.

Love and best wishes,