Achieving Emotional Freedom with EFT/Matrix Reimprinting/PTT

EFT-Matrix-ReimprintingEFT/Matrix Reimprinting clients are often amazed and delighted to gain relief from long-term issues within a short amount of time. EFT “often works when nothing else will.”

This fantastic modality is rumoured to be used by some very high profile and successful celebrities.

“I went to a friend’s wedding yesterday and it was amazing how I felt about myself and how I dealt with things compared to how I have previously been. This has confirmed the sessions are working for me which I am pleased about.”
Banker, Birmingham, Social anxiety

EFT is short for Emotional Freedom Techniques. The techniques are powerful developmental tools that are effective, easy to learn and can benefit almost any issue. Though still in its infancy EFT is a cousin of the established healing modalities of acupuncture, kinesiology and NLP. EFT works at an energetic level within the body and is often referred to as tapping. This is because we gently tap specific acupuncture points on the body. The process is non-invasive.

The belief underpinning EFT is:

“The cause of all negative emotion is a disruption in the body’s energy system.”

Using EFT we neutralise the felt negative emotion. Do note here that the traumatic memory itself is not erased but the emotional intensity associated with the event is reduced.

Matrix Reimprinting is simply quantum EFT. Using this technique you are disassociated from the trauma which works perfectly because the trauma didn’t actually happen to the present day you but an earlier version of you. We like to call this earlier you an ECHO an Energetic Consciousness Hologram. Working with a traumatic memory that is bothering you we transform it by saying and doing what you’d wished had happened. This is great because our patterns and behaviours are often linked to negative experiences at a subconscious level. This amazing technique allows us to re-write our past to change our present and future for increased peace, happiness, health and abundance.

Clever stuff!

“We talked in a way I don’t think we ever have and we’re going to work at things! Surprised, but it does feel right and everything feels better.”
Teaching Assistant, Norfolk, Relationship

Finally, Picture Tapping Technique is a fun technique; a combination of EFT coupled with Art Psychotherapy. You are invited to draw how you feel about an issue impacting on your life. It’s wonderful to see how the pictures change throughout the session as EFT is applied to whatever you have drawn and the thinking about your issue is transformed and resolved.

Sessions can be carried out via Skype or in person.

Summary of Jo’s EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Training:matrix-reimprinting

  • Emotional Freedom Techniques Levels 1, 2 and 3 workshops – trained to Advanced Level
  • EFT for Serious Disease Workshop
  • Matrix Reimprinting – trained Practitioner
  • Picture Tapping Technique

“I’m feeling energetic and inspired and very blessed.”
Nutritional Therapist, Gloucestershire, Life Direction

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